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BUCKET linen hat, medium size.
  • 100% IN
  • White
Note: If you want to know the exact dimensions for this product or if the color you are looking for / prefer is not in stock, please contact us.

MIMUSH clothes are made of linen fabric.

To extend their lifetime and give them proper care, we recommend:
• Avoid using long washing cycles or tumble drying to protect the fiber of the fabric and prevent creases.
• Use gentle cycles instead, at a temperature of less than 40 degrees. We encourage hand washing and line drying.
• Avoid ironing at high temperatures. We recommend ironing linen garments inside out or using a vertical steam iron.
• Clothes usually reduce in size after washing and drying. But they will return to their original shape and size after ironing or wearing it.
• After washing, colored linen can be hung to dry in the shade to avoid discoloration. Instead, white linen can be hung in the sun, thus allowing it to refreshen and naturally bleach.
• Linen fabric can be worn without being ironed, having a distinctive texture in its natural form.

For any other questions, advice and suggestions, please contact us at contact@mimush.eu or by phone at +40 721 110 147.