By “sustainable” we mean ecological in terms of caring for the environment, with emphasis on the use of natural resources and the recyclable route of products. We consider and value the entire process and the entire life of the manufacture of products, from the use of raw materials to manufacturing, design, sales patterns, reducing excessive consumption and recyclability.

At the design level, we are inspired by the idea that the path to modernism was an intense involvement with Bauhaus ideas, where form follows function, but to us, it also follows a mood, an emotion. Thus, we created a clean new image, with simple lines and shapes, offering affordable products with a modern design.

To MIMUSH, simplicity defines the aesthetics and functionality of our clothing creations. We believe that sustainability in clothing must go beyond the mechanisms of raw material production.

We chose to work with linen, a natural, biodegradable material that requires the least resources in the production process and has the least negative impact on the environment.

However, we are aware that clothing is not scientific, but emotional and cultural. Our direct impact is found in design. We opted for simple cuts that require few stitches and very few losses of raw material throughout the production process, our clothes being manufactured in small collections.